My photos of my trip to Mississauga, Ontario

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November 18 thru 25, 2007

To all my friends,

This page contains photos of my trip to Mississauga, Ontario.

I went to Mississauga, Ontario because my dad had to get a EPD food allergy shot.

On Sunday, November 18th I arrived and stayed the night in Fort Wayne, IN. I traveled 494 miles on this day.

On Monday, November 19th I left Fort Wayne, Indiana at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. I arrived in Mississauga, Ontario at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. It is cold and rainy here it was 32 degrees when I arrived here. I traveled 425 miles on this day.

On Tuesday, November 20th I visited the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Ontario. My favorite things I did there was being able to drive a segway and my favorite displays at the science center was a machine that sucked up paper through a long tube and blew the paper out the top and the ball roller coaster. I learned that Toronto is very big and crowded.

On Wednesday, November 21st I went to the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. We did not go to the top because we did that two years ago. I bought me a CN Tower t-shirt and a DVD all about the CN Tower. It was cold and rainy all day.

On Thursday, November 22nd we went to the doctor with dad and he got his allergy shot. When we got back to the hotel I ate a turkey dinner. It is very windy and cold here today. It snowed last night and this morning.

On Friday, November 23rd we went to Lake Ontario. I saw canadian geese and it was cold there. I also did laundry with my mom.

On Saturday, November 24th I left Mississauga, Ontario at 8:11 a.m. and I arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana at 6:20 p.m. I spent the night in Indianapolis. I traveled 542 miles on this day.

On Sunday, November 25th I left Indianapolis, Indiana at 8:45 a.m  eastern time and I arrived in Columbia, MO. at 4:15 p.m. central time. I traveled 372 miles on this day. I traveled 1955 miles on this trip.  

For a larger image just double click on the images below.

Illinois State Sign on I-70 East (Nov. 18, 2007)

Giant Cross at Effingham IL on I-70 East (November 18, 2007)

View of I-70 East toward Indianapolis, IN [It is called Super 70 in this area because there are 6 lanes on each side] (Nov. 18, 2007)

Indiana State Sign on I-70 East. (Nov 18, 2007)

Michigan state sign on I-69 north.

Bridge to Canada sign on I-69 north at Port Huron, Michigan.

Bridge going to Canada.

Canadian border check-in border station at Port Huron, Michigan.

Beginning of Canada after the check-in border station.

Going into Canada on Hwy 402.

Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Ontario.

Andy at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Ontario.

Andy driving a segway at the Ontario Science Center. His favorite!!!

Andy's favorite display, the ball rollercoaster.

Andy driving a simulated bobsled at the Ontario Science Center.

Andy doing a high jump.

Andy playing a steel drum.

My favorite display at the science center. It sucked up paper through a clear plastic tube and blew the paper out the top.

Canada's squirrels are black.

CN Tower in Toronto Canada. The very top of it was in the clouds.

Downtown Toronto, Canada.

Downtown Toronto, Canada. Showing cable cars and lines.

Happy Thanksgiving from Andy.

A snowy and cold Downtown Mississauga, Ontario.

Lake Ontario with Toronto, Canada in the background.

Lake Ontario at Mississauga, Ontario.

Hwy. 402 West in Ontario, Canada.

USA border check-in station at Sarnia, Ontario-Port Huron, MI.