My spring break photos of my visit with Yavuz and family in Mentor, Ohio

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March 22-27, 2009

On Sunday, March 22nd I left Columbia, MO at 7:02 am and I arrived in Mentor, Ohio at 6:55 pm eastern time. I traveled 702 miles on this day.

On Monday, March 23rd I visited Yavuz at the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, OH and went to see Lake Erie. It was very cold and windy there. I also played soccer and softball at Yavuz's house.

On Tuesday, March 24th I worked and visited Yavuz at the Great Lakes Mall. I also played soccer, softball and tennis with dad, Yavuz and Oktay, Yavuz's son. I ate dinner at Yavuz's house. He fixed us chicken nuggets, fries and rice. It was good food. At the end of the day I went to Lake Erie and throwed sticks into the lake. There was a lot of sticks to throw.

On Wednesday, March 25th I visited the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio. I saw a lot of robots and a homemade hovercraft. I also saw a ball coaster. I really liked this science center because there was a lot of fun robot displays.

On Thursday, March 26th I helped Yavuz out at the mall. The UPS man delivered him four large boxes of sunglasses. When Yavuz got off work we walked around a different mall.

On Friday, March 27th I left Mentor, Ohio at 8:04 am eastern time and I arrived in Columbia, MO at 6:53 pm. I traveled 697 miles on this day.

I traveled 1525 miles on this trip.

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Outside Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, OH.

Andy at the sunglass Kiosk.

Andy and Yavuz.

Andy and Yavuz with sunglasses on.

Inside Great Lakes Mall in Mentor,OH.

A cold and windy Lake Erie at Mentor, OH.

Andy kicking a soccer ball.

Andy playing tennis.

Andy at Lake Erie in Mentor, Ohio.

Lake Erie in Mentor, Ohio.

Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

View behind the Great Lakes Science Center.

Andy assembling a walking machine robot.

Andy at the ball coaster.

Andy at the sky glider.

Andy balancing a scateboard.

Andy flying a blimp.

Andy guiding a robot with light.

Andy in front of a solar car.

Andy at the homemade hovercraft.

Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland, Ohio.

Leaving Ohio state sign on I-70 east.

Andy going home.