My photos of my trip to Mississauga, Ontario

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Nov. 22 to Nov. 30, 2008


To all my friends,

This page contains photos of my trip to Mississauga, Ontario.

I went to Mississauga, Ontario because my dad had to get an Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD) food allergy shot.

On Saturday, November 22nd I left Columbia, MO at 7:50 a.m. and arrived in Lansing, Michigan at 6:25 p.m. I spent the night in Lansing. I traveled 583 miles on this day.

On Sunday, November 23rd I left Lansing, Michigan at 8:15 a.m. and I arrived in Mississauga, Ontario at 1:36 p.m. There was deep snow around London, Ontario but in Mississauga, ON there was only about an inch. I traveled 300 miles on this day.

On Monday, November 24th I visited the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. I took the elevator up to the look out and glass floor levels and then all the way up to the Sky Pod level. It was very high up. I ate lunch at the look out level of the tower. I had chicken strips and fries. My favorite! When I went to the top it was partly cloudy and then later in the afternoon it started to snow and you could not see the city very good. I bought me a CN Tower hat and shirt.

On Tuesday, November 25th I visited the Ontario Science Center. My favorite attractions were the ball rollercoaster and a machine that had a tube with computer screens behind the tube that blew paper up high in the air. As the paper went up through the clear tube the computer screens displayed different images. I also learned that Toronto has a lot of people and traffic.

On Wednesday, November 26th I helped my dad do laundry at the hotel and we went to the grocery store. The remainder of the day I surfed the net, watched TV and just relaxed.

On Thursday, November 27th I went to Dr. Zazula's office with my dad to get his food allergy shot at 9:15 a.m. After that I ate lunch at Wendys. In the afternoon I practiced my parts of The Jellybean Conspiracy Show that I will be performing in January, surfed the net, watched TV and just relaxed.  I ate a Thanksgiving supper. I had sliced turkey, fries, green beans and blackberries.

On Friday, November 28th we spent the day in the hotel room. I surfed the net, watched TV and practiced my Jellybean play. After my dad gets his shot he has to stay in the room until Saturday. It was a lot colder and windy today and it snowed a little.

On Saturday, November 29th I left Mississauga, Ontario at 8:10 a.m. eastern time and I arrived in Normal, IL at 7:50 p.m. central time. I spent the night in Normal, IL. I traveled 630 miles on this day.

On Sunday, November 30th I left Normal, IL at 8:15 a.m. and I arrived in Columbia, MO at 2:04 p.m. It snowed about five inches overnight and it was still snowing a lot there when I left. The roads were slippery but the closer we got to Columbia the snow stopped. I traveled 287 miles on this day. I traveled 1902 miles on this trip.

For a larger image just double click on the images below.

Illinois state sign on Hwy 54E.

Indiana state sign on I-80E.

Michigan state sign on I-94E.

Andy traveling.

Bridge crossing into Canada at Port Huron, MI on I-69E.

Canada border customs check-in station.

Entering Canada after the customs station.

Welcome to Ontario sign on Provincial Route 402E.

A snowy Canada on Provincial Route 401E close to London ON (Note how deep the snow is at the fence).

Entering Mississauga, Ontario.

Welcome to Toronto sign.

Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario.

Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario.

Downtown Toronto, Ontario.

CN Tower Toronto, Ontario.

Andy at the CN Tower.

Toronto, Ontario from the CN Tower.

Toronto, Ontario from the CN Tower.

Toronto, Ontario from the CN Tower.

Toronto, Ontario from the CN Tower.

Snowing inToronto, Ontario

Andy standing on the glass floor in the CN Tower.

Looking down from the glass floor of the CN Tower.

Andy at the CN Tower restraunt.

Andy at the Sky Pod level of the CN Tower.

Andy at the ontario Science Center.

Andy at the machine that had a air tube with computer screens behind the tube.

Andy sitting in the Emoti-Chair.

Andy driving a air robot.

Andy at the ball rollercoaster. His favorite attraction at the Ontario Science Center.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mississauga, Ontario.